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Sunday, March 26, 2017

And All Things Shall Be Well

I never knew
the porch was rotten
til I'd stepped through
and sat upon the boards:
my leg vanished
somewhere in the dark among the spiders.

I never knew
my heart had gone to sleep
til I'd walked years away from you
thinking myself alive
and awake but
dreaming in the cobwebs.

I'd never known
I was a minor character, but here
we are, leaving the theatre now. Aren't we
leaving the theatre together?

Heart's truth, when you said
"We'll always love each other"
I hadn't known, but knew at once

was truer than all my shame
and as useless, to take back
who I was, or the gap I'd torn
between us. Truth breaks out
at inconvenient hours, in dreams
of school and exams for classes
I've never been to, of futile searches
where I'm lost, and can't find you

and now I know
this choreography
did not contain one false step, that no one's foolish wrongs
are more innocent, or less so, or unnecessary.

Eden was for its time
only. I didn't know
I needed to see myself naked,
leave everyone and go
into a place where I'd find everyone
not guilty, out of our silly minds.
We love
who we have
and who we are
or no-one. There's nobody else here.

Do your dances, fear your villains
and hate yourselves
as long as it takes.
We're all leaving together.

Forrest Curo, March 26, 2017