Just say "No!" to oversimplification!

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God is not a concept of 'God', but that's what we're able to talk about.

Words about seeing God directly are only words about -- but something of the sort happens to people on occasion. These can serve as hints and reminders of what we can and will find when we're next ready to receive.

Models of God are what we can understand about the sort of Being that God is actually Being. Some models are less adequate than others; so improving our understanding is an inexhaustible pleasure. While doing so, everyone should also keep a good model in his/her pocket, lest one be needlessly frightened by a bad model.

Actual God is continually present and available for comparison. I am consulting God as I go, asking that whatever I manage to say here will be helpfully phrased. [This is possible, not because I am anyone special, but because of how God is.]

You may not realize that God is continually present, but this has been true from the first moment you've ever remembered until any moment you'll ever be.

A favorite rabbi liked to say [and may she still like to say]: "To enjoy life, without praising God, is like being a shoplifter."

What does this mean? -- to be like a shoplifter? Is God watching us stuff small precious objects here and there, taking notes, preparing to have the cops throw us into an Eternal Slammer for damnably clueless irreverence? This does not fit my model, not at all!

Does God necessarily fit my model? Well, how long have I known God? It's been years. How well? Close, very close, closer to me than I could even be... God can still surprize me; my best friend (who is also my wife) can still surprize me. What I can know of either one is very likely distorted by my own nature and viewpoint. But how could I not know God? [If anything I say sounds in any way unconvincing, ask God yourself; and a response will be given... I remember it being quite intimidating, to finally ask: "You don't really do that to people, do You?"]

And now, it seems time for a good parable? [The Shoplifter at the King's Banquet]

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